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Document Management for Law Firms

Updated: Jan 10

Law firms often handle detailed, private information from businesses and personal information from individuals and they’re trusted to keep that information confidential.

Businesses all over the world are moving towards a paperless workflow, so how can your law firm reach this sustainability goal whilst maintaining the security and privacy your clients expect?

Enterprise Consulting offers a complete document management service. Secure couriers will pick up your documents; our team scans the documents and makes them available with our state-of-the-art hosting facility; and the original documents can either be returned to you, stored safely, or securely destroyed.

We employ rigorous safety protocols for both digital document hosting and physical document storage, so you can rest easy knowing that your streamlined workflow hasn’t compromised the security that your clients rely on.

To discover how Enterprise Consulting can assist your Law Firm, try out our dynamic Quote Engine or read our detailed blog about the factors that affect pricing.



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