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Document Management for Filmmakers

Updated: Jan 10

Filmmakers and livestream producers deal with a lot of paperwork: call sheets, scripts, shot-lists, storyboards and schedules; not to mention typical business paperwork like invoices, contracts and risk assessments.

Many businesses are working towards sustainability goals such as paperless work environments - why shouldn't the film and live streaming industries do the same? Not only will a paperless workflow benefit the environment, it can also help reduce operational costs and greatly improve your crew’s efficiency.

For years, Enterprise Consulting has helped large corporations discover ways to increase efficiency and reduce costs, giving them a clear advantage over their competitors. Now, we’re interested in helping small to medium sized production companies and freelance filmmakers like you to do the same.

To find out how Enterprise Consulting can benefit your Film Production Company, try out our dynamic Quote Engine or read our detailed blog about the factors that affect pricing.



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