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Document Management for Construction Firms

Construction Firms deal with no end of paperwork: contracts, risk assessments, inspection reports, accident logs; not to mention large-format plans and blueprints.

Working with physical paperwork on a construction site is a nightmare, especially when you need to cross-reference several documents. So why not go paperless?

With Enterprise Consulting, we can scan your large-format paperwork and make it accessible in a way that’s easy to cross-reference with other documents.

Are your documents covered in hasty, hand-written notes? That’s no problem, those hand-written notes can be indexed just the same as any typeface. Maybe your documents have been damaged on the building site? That’s not a problem either - we take care to restore documents before they’re scanned.

To find our how Enterprise Consulting can benefit your Construction Firm, try out our dynamic Quote Engine or read our detailed blog about the factors that affect pricing.



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