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Document Synergy

The Ultimate Document Management Solution


The Synergy Enterprise Content Management platform enables businesses to securely capture, retrieve, store and distribute electronic documents. Documents can be traced with full reporting capability allowing for a complete audit trail and maximum security.

Synergy creates a complete collaborative work environment, enhancing productivity and streamlining document flow within your business.

Most importantly, it can be integrated with other systems your business utilises to create a complete package of document management bespoke to you and your company's needs.


Enterprise Consulting are proud to be the only providers of Synergy ECM in Europe.

Synergy will help your business by:

  • Hosting virtually all types of electronic information: documents, images, COLD reports, emails, web pages, spreadsheets and more.

  • Improving efficiency: all files are immediately accessible via desktop.

  • Easily replacing physical storage such as filing cabinets, microfiche or microfilm. 

  • Flexibly working with other systems and, if there is something you need Synergy to do that isn’t offered by default, we can make it happen.

Benefits of Synergy

One integrated system, company-wide

Enhanced customer/client service

Immediate, accurate document search

Simplify regulatory compliance

Eliminate paper-based storage

Improved traceability & auditing

Reduce costs due to efficiency

Increased security & risk management

We offer the following services to complement Synergy and complete your document management system.

Click on any of the titles or images for more information.

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