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Document Synergy

The ultimate Document Management Solution


The Synergy Enterprise Content Management platform enables businesses to securely capture, retrieve, store and distribute electronic documents. Documents can be traced with full reporting capability allowing for a complete audit trail and maximum security.

Synergy creates a complete collaborative work environment, enhancing productivity and streamlining document flow within your business.

Most importantly it can be integrated with other systems your business utilises to create a complete package of document management bespoke to you and your companies needs.


One system, one search


The Synergy solution supports virtually all types of electronic information, allowing businesses to combine files such as COLD reports, scanned document images, email messages, web pages, spread sheets and more into a single search and view window. 

One secure, central document repository with immediate desktop delivery of all your archived documents. 

Synergy replaces the need for physical storage methods, for example - filing cabinets, microfiche or microfilm and provides an efficient, consistent and easy to use filing system. Whether you are storing 100 or 100 million documents.

Benefits of Synergy - Enterprise Content Management

One integrated system company wide for online document storage and retrieval

Eliminate the need for paper based storage

Enhanced customer/client service due to expedited document access

Strong internal controls allow for traceability and auditing and clear paper trails

Streamline preparations for regulatory requirements

Enhance productivity and reduce associated costs

Immediate, accurate document search and retrieval

Increase document security and risk management

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