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Document Scanning

Back Scanning and Archive Management

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Consider the cost of traditional paper based archiving - the space it uses, and the time it takes to access. Locating and retrieving important information can be time consuming as staff trawl through mountains of paper work to look for essential files or documents.

Frequently, those documents held in archives contain business critical information and are regularly visited to access required information.


We can offer the following:

  • Fully scan and digitise your paper documents

  • Assign indexes to allow files to be searchable

  • Provide your data in your chosen media

  • Offer secure disposal of old files if no longer required

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Ongoing Scanning Requirements

For companies that have a constant paper stream there can be a need for a more consistent and all encompassing document management system. 

We can provide a package which will:


We also offer our own Document Hosting and a full online document storage and retrieval system (Synergy), which can be combined with any scanning contract. Giving you a full package from collection, scanning, online storage, retrieval and disposal if required.


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We will save your files to your chosen media, or upload them to your current online systems


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Organise collection and return of your documents


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Scan all your documents and files on a regular basis to suit your businesses needs


Modern Architecture

Meet retention policies and maintain industry compliance 

Let us to help you maintain full industry standard compliance and meet retention laws for your documents, both paper and electronic.

The default retention period for HMRC alone is 6 years plus current. This can create a large volume of unused but essential paperwork that needs retaining. New GDPR rules also mean companies must be more aware of where and how they store their clients information. 

Document scanning and hosting can ensure that all essential business documentation is easily retrievable when necessary or requested. Fully secure and protected.

As part of your Document Scanning package we can offer the secure disposal of any paper records you send to us for processing. Documents will be destroyed in accordance with legal requirements and using an environmentally conscious source. A certificate of destruction can be provided. 

Simply throwing documents in the bin is no longer a viable option in today’s business environment. There are significant legal obligations associated to the appropriate disposal of documentation. Government legislation means businesses face significant consequences if they do not comply with confidential records management and data destruction requirements.

Many organisations are also obliged to meet ‘green’ or environmental policies as part of their strategies.

We can ensure your documents are dealt with appropriately once they have been converted into a digital format. 

Secure Document Disposal


Benefits of Document Scanning

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