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Document Scanning

Back Scanning and Archive Management

Traditional paper-based archiving can be costly in terms of space and time. Regularly locating and retrieving critical business information from mountains of paperwork is time-consuming; surely it's time to find a more efficient way?

At Enterprise Consulting, we offer a comprehensive solution to address these challenges. Our services include:

  1. Complete scanning and digitization of your paper documents.

  2. Assigning indexes to make files easily searchable and accessible.

  3. Delivering your data in your preferred digital format.

  4. Secure disposal of outdated files when no longer needed.

With our streamlined approach, you can free up valuable space, enhance searchability, and improve overall efficiency in managing your documents. Let us help you transform your paper-based processes into a digital, organised, and secure system.

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Ongoing Scanning Requirements

For businesses dealing with a constant influx of paper documents, a comprehensive and reliable document management system becomes crucial. At Enterprise Consulting, we offer a tailored package that includes:

  1. Efficient organisation of document collection and return.

  2. Regular scanning of all your documents and files, customised to your specific business needs.

  3. Preservation of your files on your preferred media or seamless integration with your existing online systems.

  4. Additionally, we provide our own Document Hosting solution and a robust online storage and retrieval system called Synergy. This can be seamlessly combined with any scanning contract, offering you a complete package that covers collection, scanning, online storage, retrieval, and even disposal if necessary.


Experience the convenience and efficiency of our end-to-end document management solution. Let us take care of your document journey, from collection to secure storage and easy retrieval.​

Meet retention policies and maintain industry compliance 

At Enterprise Consulting, we understand the importance of maintaining industry-standard compliance and meeting retention laws for both physical and electronic documents.


With HMRC's default retention period of 6 years plus current, businesses often accumulate a significant volume of essential paperwork that needs to be retained. Moreover, the introduction of GDPR regulations means companies must be aware of precisely how and where client information is stored.


Our document scanning and hosting services offer a reliable solution to these challenges. By digitising your essential business documents, we ensure they are easily retrievable whenever necessary. Rest assured, all your documents are fully secure and protected, complying with the highest security standards.


Let us help you achieve compliance, streamline document retention, and ensure the accessibility and security of your vital business information. Focus on your core operations while entrusting your document management to us.

Secure Document Disposal

As part of our comprehensive document scanning package, we offer secure disposal. We prioritise compliance with legal requirements and environmentally conscious practices in our document destruction process, providing a certificate of destruction for your records.


In today's business environment, simply discarding documents in the bin is no longer a viable option. There are strict legal obligations associated with the proper disposal of documentation. Failure to comply with confidential records management and data destruction requirements can result in severe consequences as per government legislation.


With our services, you can trust that your documents will be appropriately handled once they are converted into a digital format. Ensure compliance, data security, and environmental responsibility by choosing our document scanning package.

Many organisations are committed to meeting environmental policies as part of their overall strategies. Visit our About page to learn more about our commitment to environmentally friendly operations.

Scanning with OPEX

Enterprise Consulting are proud users of OPEX technology. The OPEX Falcon has been the foundation of our document scanning service for several years and we’re grateful to the team at OPEX Corporation for their years of experience and expertise.


OPEX values include Integrity, Fairness and Organisational Flexibility, which are highly compatible with our Ethos at Enterprise Consulting. 


Key benefits of the OPEX Falcon:

  • Unmatched flexibility

  • Improved efficiency

  • Increased security

  • All of which are passed on to our clients.

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Benefits of Document Scanning

Immediate document retrieval, 24/7

Enhanced regulatory compliance

Controlled document distribution

Improved document security

Free-up physical office space

Quick and secure access to files

Environmentally friendly

Full disaster recovery

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