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How much does Document Management cost?

How much does document scanning and hosting cost in the UK? What factors affect pricing? How can you get a detailed quote? At Enterprise Consulting, we've made it as easy as we can to answer these questions. We created a Quote Engine to generate a quote based on your specific needs, which doesn't require you to input your personal information upfront.

There are many factors that affect the pricing of your document scanning service, including:

  • The number of pages you want to scan

  • The condition of your documents

  • The level of detail you require

  • How quickly you want the service to be carried out

  • Whether or not you require indexing

  • What you want to happen to your documents after they've been scanned

  • How you want your digitised documents presented

This page and the embedded video will give you detailed information on how these factors effect your quote.

Let's get started.

In each of these examples we're going to scan 10 large archive boxes, (38x43x26cm), which typically hold 3,000 A4 pages each.

Let's start by scanning our 10 large archive boxes.

  • You want the digital files sent over email or a cloud-based file sharing service

  • Within 14 working days

  • The original documents should be securely destroyed

  • Standard quality, black and white scan

  • Papers are in good condition

According to our quote engine, you should expect to pay £2,385

What if you’re in a rush and you want these 10 boxes scanned within 3 days?

The quote is now £4,485

In addition to the above, let's say you want us to provide your digitised documents with a document management system - this means your files can be accessed and downloaded as needed.

The quote remains the same at £4,485, but there is an additional monthly cost of £270.

4 colleagues examine office paperwork including data and graphs.

What if your documents include images, graphs or text smaller than 12pt? You would want:

  • High quality, colour scan

  • Scanned and sent via a document management system

  • Within 3 days

  • Original documents securely destroyed

Now the quote is £6,585, with the additional £270 every month.

That works out to an additional £210 per large archive box, because of the higher quality, colour scan.

What about indexing? Let’s say each document will have a barcode and a QR code which need to be indexed. These indexes don't need to be verified by a human.

To summarize, that’s:

  • 10 large archive boxes

  • High-quality colour scan

  • Original documents securely destroyed

  • Digitised documents provided via a document management system with 2 indexes

  • Within 3 working days.

Your quote is now £9,585 with the additional monthly £270.

That should give you a clear idea of what to expect if your documents are in a good condition. Let’s start again from scratch and see what it costs if the documents need some special attention:

  • 10 large archive boxes

  • Standard quality, black and white scan

  • Papers are in poor condition

  • We’ll need to remove staples and paperclips, unfold creases, repair tears, remove dirt, remove bindings and some other attachments like sticky notes

  • Digitised documents sent via email or cloud-based file share system

  • Original documents to be securely destroyed

  • Within 14 working days

The quote is £4,605.

A team member prepares a colourful image to be scanned in the OPEX Falcon.
Scanning with the OPEX Falcon.

If we compare this to our very first quote of £2,385 - the only thing that’s changed is the condition of the documents and the amount of attention they require before being scanned, but the price has increased by £222 per large archive box.

With that in mind, if you have some documents you’d like to digitise in future it’s worth making sure they’re stored properly now as this will affect how much you pay for the scanning process. Make sure they’re on shelves rather than on the floor, for example.

I hope you spend some time with our Quote Engine to get an idea of pricing for your specific needs - we don’t require you to submit any contact info up front, you only need to do that if you’re happy with the quote and would like to proceed.

We’re open about our pricing because we're confident we can provide the most affordable service without sacrificing quality or turnaround.

Hopefully this page will have given you a good idea of what document scanning and hosting will cost. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.



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